I was wowed as soon as I opened the package!! The engraving is beautifully done and the bristles are a very nice quality!! I definitely will be ordering another..

My mules and donkey love this brush and so do I. My equines and I aren't breathing in fly spray mist all the time, and there is much less waste. Expensive ...


This brush is easy to hold on to and so soft, my horses don't move away from it when I use it on their faces, they push into it a little! It makes applying fly spray so much easier in those sensitive spots and instead of the horses "putting up with" being sprayed they are now enjoying the process. No more fly spray in my face, just spray the brush and brush the horse. It is also beautiful and the engraving makes for a personal touch!


It's a GEM

We ordered one for ourselves and loved it so much we have ordered another for a gift. It works so nicely. No more nasty rag to handle. No over spray. Exce...

– Kat on Beautifully Engraved Horse Brush
Love It!

Miss Kitty and I love this brush. She doesn't like to be sprayed and I don't like to waste spray. I love spraying this soft bristled brush and wiping it on...

– Wendy R on Beautifully Engraved Horse Brush



Karen was delightful! Such passion around this product and so easy to deal with! The product alone is amazing but the customer service was so very lovely! Thanks Karen!



I just got my Shoo Fly brush! My horses love it - really love it. All of my horses were fine with being sprayed but I wasn’t so happy with how much time it took me to get the fly spray actually spread across their hair coat. I was hesitant to spend this much on a brush but I know Karen and trust her so what the heck - very much worth it. Happy horses and happy owner.