Here at Shoo Fly Brush, we can add your favortie image to almost anything. Do you have something you love and want it on the wall? Perhaps your name or logo on long lasting metal, such as a water bottle you can take out on the trail with you. Our Horses and Hearts metal art is a wonderful piece to own. 


0. Child and Horse


  1. Crazy Kid

2. Fancy Horse Head

3.  Dressage Piaffe

4. Modern Silhouette

5. Cartoon Jumper

6. Heart Horses Heads

7. Roping

8. Horse Heart Silhouette

9.  Little Dude

10. Shy Horse

11. Whole Horse Outline

12. Horse Head Outline


13. Modern Horse Head

14. Gaited Horse Head

15. Beautiful Dog



16. Andalusian

17. Double Jumper


 18. Horseshoes


19. Arrow

20. Arabian

21. Longhorn


22. quarter Horse