Instructions for Your Brush


How to Use Your Beautiful New Brush. 

Before you apply the fly spray, make sure your horse is clean and free from excessive hair and dirt.

Next, spray your favorite fly spray on the brush bristles away from you and your horse. Then gently brush the fly spray on your horse.

It's that simple. Horses appreciate the fly spray applied this way, and they start looking forward to this process and the relief they get from it. 

How to keep it clean:

To keep your brush looking new, wash your brush bristles with dish soap and water, rinse the bristles and then hang your brush up and let it dry.

Dawn is a good soap if your fly spray has an oil base. How many times you wash the bristles depends on your personal preference.

Another way to keep your brush looking new is to use a pick to get out the loose hair in the base of the bristles. 

Please don't soak your brush in the water! 

Thank you for shopping with us!