Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention   
The mist that floats in the air when spraying our horses with fly spray caused me to search for a better way. I would hold my breath, spray my horse. What about my horse? He couldn't hold his breath. I wondered too, how much money am I wasting watching the fly spray float away? Finally, I had enough, and my search began.

Several ideas came to mind, like wiping it on with a towel, or glove, but that didn't work very well. It would be on my hand, the towel, and glove more than on my horse. I could see the glove and towel absorb the expensive spray, and to get it on my horse took too much liquid.

I tried all kinds of brushes. Some were hard, and the fly spray would fall off the brush. If the brush was too soft, the fly spray would stick to the bristles, not my horse. Not one of the brushes had a handle, so I'd get the fly spray all over my hand. 

Finally, I found the right brush, one with the correct mixture/texture of bristles and a good gripping handle. 

 I've used this brush for years and have saved my lungs, and my horse's lungs from breathing in the mist the fly spray creates. My horses like it and I love it. I save money using this brush, no more fly spray floating away or the waste on the glove.

Then, it dawned on me, everyone who has horse's should be using this brush.


I want this brush to be very, very special. One that horse people will love.

I thought, engrave people's names and their horse's names on these beautiful wooden brushes. Horse people love things engraved for their horses. Then I added a soft piece of leather so you can easily hang it up. 

If a horse brush can be awesome, this one is as good as it gets.

From my experience, your horse will appreciate the fly spray applied in this way, and we think you will too. You'll save money, you and your horse won't breathe in the fly spray, and your dollars won't be floating away.  

So there you go, this is how Shoo Fly Brush came to be. I hope you see the need and the uniqueness of having this brush in your collection of horse brushes. It just might turn out to be your favorite brush.

Warmly, Karen @ Shoo Fly Brush