Beautifully Engraved Horse Brush

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Engraved Fly Spray Brush

The Top 11 Reasons This Brush Should Be In Your Collection Of Horse Brushes

The mist that floats in the air when spraying our horses with fly spray caused me to search for a better way. I would hold my breath and spray my horse. But what about my horse? He couldn't hold his breath.

I wondered too, how much money is floating away? Finally, I had enough and my search began...

My Top 11 Reasons

1. You and your horse won't breathe in the fly spray like the way you would just spraying it on the horse and into the air. That alone should be enough, but there is more.

2. The manufactures of the fly spray reccommend applying the fly spray with a brush.

3. Horses prefer having the fly spray applied this way. Happy Horse, Happy Owner.

4. The handle and the length of the brush make reaching your tall horses ears easier so grooming and applying the fly spray is a cinch.

5. The bristles are the right mixture/texture for applying the fly spray. Plus it is a great finishing brush especially if you clip your horses.

6. With your favorite name beautifully engraved on the top, you'll be sure not to lose your brush. 

7. There is no expensive fly spray floating away, it is directly applied to the bristles, then onto your horse.  

8. When spraying the brush bristles, the fly spray will not get on your clothes, up your nose or all over your hands. 

9. While they are eating, you can brush the fly spray on your horse without contaminating their forage.

10. Horses who are afraid of the fly spray will be relaxed and stand still when you use this brush. They look forward to the relief from the flies, and love being groomed in the process.

11. They make a unique and practical gift


We think of it as the "Cadillac" of horse brushes!

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